EDURA is the specialized exhibition devoted to the presentation of installations, equipment and technologies for rescue services and fire-fighting protection of objects.
The exhibition for the first time was organized in June 2001 at the site of the Central School of State Fire-brigade in Częstochowa, on the initiative of the Rescue Education and Technique Foundation.
There were 70 Polish and foreign companies participating in that exhibition. In the second edition of EDURA Exhibition in 2002 there were already more than 120 companies from our country and from abroad. The third edition of EDURA 2003 gathered also 120 companies and the following fourth one in 2004 - 130 exhibitors. The fifth edition of EDURA Exhibition one in 2006 gathered at the site of the Central School of State Fire-brigade in Częstochowa 140 companies.

9th international exhibition will take place on 12 – 14 June, 2013.
Exhibiton place will happen at showgroun of Targi Kielce company.

The main goal of EDURA exhibition is presentation to the state, local administration and economic authorities as well as the fire-brigade circles the newest achievements of the technique applied to the fire-fighting protection of objects, rescue and liquidation of the results of natural disasters.
During the exhibition they are parallely held different conferences, seminars and symposia as well as the meetings of the managing cadres of fire-brigades and protection of population.
Organization of the exhibition at the site of the Central School of State Fire-brigades in Częstochowa creates the possibility of presentation of equipment and media including extinguishing ones in practical action on the school training field allocated just next to the exhibition ground.
Within the framework of the exhibition there is a competition hold for the best presentation of goods devoted to the rescue and fire-fighting protection. The prizes and bonuses are being awarded in nine categories:

  1. fire vehicles - pumping appliances,
  2. fire vehicles - special appliances,
  3. protection and personal firefighter's equipment,
  4. equipment and technical fire protection appliance,
  5. extinguishing agents,
  6. fire and rescue equipment,
  7. communication equipment and technical equipment for dispatching points,
  8. means of individual and mass civil protection,
  9. logistic protection.

Detailed information are available in Targi Kielce

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